From LumberJack To Thermostat Patrol

When I was 18 years old my boyfriend and I purchased our first home in the Greater Toronto Area. Our daughter was just over 1 year old and it was the perfect little home for us. Being a young adult you take for granted the basic things in our everyday lives. Like having a furnace, every house comes with one… Right?

During our home inspection, the large wood stove in the basement was lusciously placed with stone up to the ceiling. A centrepiece that lured us into the “This is the coziest basement! We should buy this house.” mindset. A fully finished basement was a must. We were young, had a toddler and in no way did we want to endure any renovation costs. Especially with another baby on the way.

Once fall crept in and cooler nights required more blankets, I asked hubby to turn on the furnace. Then we both had a puzzled look on our face…furnace ventfurnace ventfurnace ventfurnace ventfurnace ventAir Conditioner UnitThere was no furnace.

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