Tidy black desk pad

Desk Pads & Desk Blotters (Great Protection)

The Backstory

Desk pads are a great way to spruce up your desk space and allow you to show great pride in your surroundings.

This is further enhanced when these desk protecting pads are handcrafted and custom made. Handcrafted items show care and detail and usually show quality based on the keen details in the build.

When you’re prepping to purchase a desk pad, you can choose from many protective design elements including different sizes, shapes, or colours.

With this variety, you may add style to your office desk and your overall office décor. When considering this, you should think about the best combination of choices that will fit in your budget and any particular features you may want to integrate on your desk.

Desk Protection Evolution

In the earlier days, people realized that writing on a hard desk surface with a fountain pen was not very convenient.

Therefore, the desk pad was created to ensure that a constant flat surface was there to write smoothly. It was also considered to help organize and provide a scratch resistant surface for great items such as computer stands, mousepads etc. The use of a desk pad will offer you a sleek office item that will enhance and make your space pop!

Nice grey desk pad
Rectangular grey desk pad

The Usefulness of a Desk Pad

A desk pad is quite useful as in the first instance, it will prevent you from making any damage to the surface of your desk or table top. This means that your desk will not be destroyed by pen marks or imprints, or nasty scratches from an erratic mouse.

Also, it is good to consider that the desk pad will give a flat writing surface which will make the desk comfortable to use while writing, and let your pen glide like a hot knife through butter… I love that feeling.

Tidy up Desk Clutter

Using a desk pad can help you to declutter their office and help to enhance productivity. This can create a relaxed environment and help you to be highly focused on your job.

Organization can contribute to your success and a desk pad can help you to achieve this. You can place all the related items together so they are not mixed so you will not have to spend time sorting documents each time you need them. Neat, and, tidy.

Suggestions for use

There are several things that desk pads can be used for.

The main thing is keeping your business documents organized along with important phone numbers, if you have a desk pad with a clear overlay.

Special areas can be allocated for holding business cards and all your needed writing instruments. It can also be used creatively to lay out your daily activities or agenda so you are clear on what needs to be done.

Also, brief notes can be neatly made or important instructions can be specified which may be useful to you in your business activities. Clear up those pesky post-its!

clear overlay desk pad
Desk pad with clear overlay

Focal point

A desk pad can be used as a focal point in your office.

This is a considerable fact to ensure that you make a great selection. Choosing different colours of leatherette material and velour, choose what will suit your particular space to provide you comfort while also being visually appealing.

Using it as an anchor spot in your office, you can be assured that your desk will be a great part of your office space. You’ll never want to leave your work station!


No matter the style or design of your office, you can find a colour that will look great with your office décor.

There are many styles that you can choose from and each will have a different offering to your space. It will look great and protected while being comfortable to use. Sometimes, a change as subtle as a corner cut, or rounded cornered desk pad can change the overall feel of your space. Consider it wisely!

clutter on desk
Black desk blotter with electronics on it

Promotional items

Desk pads can also be used as promotional items if you want to give them to your clients with your business information on them.

This is a good choice as it is a useful gift that they would use daily and consider contacting your business first as your contact information will be right in front of them.

Also, they will value your company as this is a prized gift of value that you have shared with them. Much better than another cheap pen with your name on it!!

Custom Desk Pads

Custom desk pads can be made where you can order the different cuts and styles that they prefer.

This is another excellent way for you to create and put your personal touch on the product. It can also be a custom size as needed for your desk.

This is a great way to put together exactly what you need for your space to be comfortable and convenient. Additional features such as corners and curves can be added to the custom job so it fits perfectly in your space. Desk pad perfection!

Benefits of a Custom Desk Pad

The overall benefits of using a desk pad cannot be ignored.

They offer a sleek and modern upgrade to your office space and turn you into a productivity guru (at least that is what happened to me). Style your office while protecting your desk and providing a smooth office surface.

Rectangular elongated desk pad with computers
Elongated desk pad with multiple computers

The benefits and functionality make it an awesome addition that you simply cannot do without.

The work in your office may already be stressful, why not add some additions to your office that will help you to be more productive and offer great aesthetics to help you think and be comfortable while you work.

This is quite important as it helps you to be calm and you make the best decisions once you are comfortable while you think and reason your business decisions. Add to your space not just an appealing desk pad, but also a slick mesh chair, and you are on your way to ultimate office professionalism and productivity!

Mesh Office Chair
Backside of an office mesh chair

Why Wait?

So why wait?

Seek out your desk pad today. See all the colours, styles and possibilities that can be done for your space.

Be sure to unlock your creativity and be bold in your choices. Whether you are daring and loud in your colour designs or more classic and stylish, whatever you need you can put it together to fit into your requirements.

Go ahead! Get your desk pad today!

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