Beats On The Boat (Marine Audio Systems)

My journey through boat renovations and playing with all sorts of marine audio equipment has taught me many things. Quality isn’t something you want to skimp out on, like in a house… You can get away with a no name or low quality lamp. But, when water is involved and floating… You want to be fully sound with confidence. Pun intended! When removing the old sound system and speakers from my new boat, I did plenty of reading about good quality marine speakers that wouldn’t rust and decay.boat speakers

Marine Renovations

The boat project all began when my Grampa passed away. He was an avid fisher. I spent many mornings waking up before the sunrise with my dad, filling the boat with tackle and bait then picking up my Grampa. Early mornings with the guys peacefully fishing is one of my most fondest memories.

We always had a little radio we would bring out with us on the boat to listen to my Grampa’s favourite classics. One year my dad and I had some speakers installed into his new boat he bought. He was getting too old for the typical fishing boat, so he bought a boat with a more mobility friendly layout.

This meant there was more seats and room for friends to join us.

My dad started taking me and a couple buddies out for midday tube rides and sunset fishing. My Grampa was nearing his end with fishing and boating outings, so he gave us the go to enjoy the boat whenever we wanted. It was like winning the lottery! If you ever lived Norfolk County, you’d know that summertime is filled with boats and water days at the beaches.

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Now that years have passed and my dad has given me this boat, it is time to do some serious upgrading!

Areas of the boat needed some TLC, others… Just pure perks I’ve always wanted to have on the boat.

I had a new tarp made, new covers on the seats and had a canopy added to it. The best part added was the new sound system! This was the perk. The speakers my dad and I had put in before weren’t proper speakers and they had rusted and decayed. Only 1 worked, so it was time to do my homework and make sure I wasn’t doing anything half fast anymore. wet speakers

Marine Audio Speakers

While the seats were out and being reupholstered I had the opportunity to rewire and add more speakers to the boat. We knew the colour scheme was white and blue so any speakers should match well.

Luckily enough, there was a site from a Southern Ontario marine boat speakers locally for me to be able to check out the sounds of the top waterproof speakers.

Waterproof speakers aren’t cheap, but, as I mentioned earlier… I am in no way doing anything half fast again. The money that has to be sunken into fixing a cheap speaker and installation isn’t worth the lighter price tag in the long run.

I purchased a bluetooth system with an amplifier and Recon 8 speakers. The speakers sounded amazing when I was test hearing them and they look phenomenal! The led lights inside are a perk every man loves. Especially the blue… Ha! Dead serious!

The installation process of the speakers was a daunting task that I wanted done properly. This company also offers installation services. It is a huge gem of a business I found!

Recon 8 speakers by WetSounds are made with their trademarked full rubber Santopreneā„¢.Ā  Recon is the affordable version of the WetSounds marine audio boat speakers, not compromising quality or sound. They have a fiberglass and nylon frame that keeps them waterproof and long lasting with titanium to add great sounds.

Some may think that the price tag of these speakers seems quite wasteful. I’d disagree. I’ve tried the other avenue with basic speakers at a reasonable price and had them decay and break. The sound never gave quality beats because of the water damage. Even with tarps and protection, the waterproof speakers are ultimate to longevity and quality. boat with beats

Installation of Waterproof Speakers

The installation day was flawless. The team showed up on time and had all of the equipment and tools needed to wire up the boat properly and extra materials to make the product fit to a tee.

I had the choices of where and how I wanted my Recon 8 Wet Sounds speakers installed. I had gave the run down of how the seating was going to be installed and facing. They got straight to work and were done in a couple hours.

The sound testing after installation gave me goosebumps. I’ll have to make sure I don’t use them when fishing or I’ll scare the fish away! hahahaha

I was giving a thorough instruction of how and when to take care of the marine audio speakers. I hadn’t expected to be treated so well with this company. When I had speakers installed in my truck… It was an in and out “wham bam” I’ll take your money “bye bye”waterproof speakers boat

All Aboard!

The first boat trip out I had my dad and my Grampa before sunrise on a fishing trip. They were excited to see the final product all customized for the next generation. I however, did not prepare them for the marine audio surprise.

Once we got in the boat and started to leave the dock I put on a playlist of my Grampas classic fishing songs. With his old ears hard of hearing he was smiling ear to ear able to hear the music playing.

We didn’t even end up fishing that morning, my dad and Grampa wanted to cruise Lake Erie watch the sunrise come up together while listening to music making new memories.

Quality marine audio isn’t just for those looking to have a yacht party, it can be for those looking to make quaint generational memories with family.

But also, for the boys and water-tubing afternoons filled with quality beats.