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What Exactly is an Industrial Pump?

Sure, it isn’t a common question for everyday people in Mississauga. Truth be told, however, you might want to read on and learn how giant pumps keep our world moving. Indulge me:

An industrial pump is a mechanical heavy-duty device that is used to move liquids or gases by a power and motor driven action.

They are usually operated by electricity, wind-power and solar systems. In its earliest forms, post-modern civilization, they were operated manually.

Nice Blue and Black Pump
Electric water pump isolated on white background

Industrial Pumps are used across many industries and have varying and wide range applications. It is vital that pumps work correctly. Be sure to have a pump and seal service company handy in case anything goes wrong.

Pumps can be used to:

  • Pump wastewater after a flood
  • Used as an aquarium filter to pump both physical and soluble waste from aquaria
  • Pump oil and natural gas in the energy industry
  • Air conditioning and heating systems.

Where Pumps are Used

Pumps are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes!

Below are just a few examples of how different industrial pumps are used in different industries. Please note that one type of pump can be used across multiple industries due to their versatility and is not limited to any one industry. (Just like so many different tradesmen can make use of a hammer… So it is with pumps as well).

Food Industry:

In the food and hospitality sector, there are many different types of industrial pumps used to transfer large industrial sized quantities of fluid.

For example, Drum pumps are used in drums and barrels to move ice cream, fruit juice and other beverages or fluids in the food manufacturing process

Chemical Industry

Another type of industrial pump is the oil water separator used to remove oil and solids from water in the chemical industry. It uses an intensified gravity system that pumps the fluid to an inlet chamber where the water is separated from the oil and solids, causing the oil to rise to the top.

The oil is stopped from entering the outlet and the water is discharged whilst the solid and waste oil are contained. These pumps are typically used in mechanical workshops.

Chemical plant operator pumps
Technician in chemical factory at machine maintenance working with wrench and pumps

Energy Industry

Slurry pumps are used in the Oil and Gas sectors to transport thick and harsh chemicals in the mining and mineral processes.  Because they are made out of thick and hard-wearing iron, these pumps are made to withstand the abrasive materials and move the chemical and solids without damaging the pump.

Infrastructure Industry

Borehole pumps are used in agricultural and geological industries, for instance, mining, to control liquid and water supplies using a submersible pressure system. They can be powered using solar energy or a diesel engine and are very popular for irrigation purposes in farming.

Manufacturing Industry

In manufacturing, a commonly used industrial pump is the centrifugal pump which uses pressure to drive fluid through a plant or system at incredible speed.

Technician Repairing Pumps

Seal Repairs

In order to ensure that pumps work as efficiently and effectively as possible without causing any idle time, it is important that industrial pumps are fitted with mechanical seals that prevent the pumps from leaking.

These seals need to be able to withstand the pressure and friction caused during the pumping process.

To ensure optimal performance and zero downtime, these seals need to be installed correctly by qualified Engineers and properly maintained.

Faulty mechanical seals are usually the main culprit behind industrial pumps breaking down, so it is important that they are installed correctly by professionals, lubricated and serviced regularly.

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