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How Popcorn Ceiling Professor is Different

I can’t believe how much talk about popcorn ceiling removal there is on the web.

Never in a million years would I guess that a building design trend from the 1960’s such as popcorn ceiling would become the reason for one of the hottest home renovation tactics in 2021.

Why is a Smooth Ceiling Appealing?

You would have to look at Mississauga real estate listings for only a few moments to notice that all of the best homes have smooth ceilings. This is no accident. As design trends change over the years, certain trends become ‘sticky’, and I believe that is what we are seeing with the continuous popcorn ceilings removal from homes across the land.

Big homes with high ceilings look even bigger and brighter with zero texture. The ever increasing popularity of pot lights also factors into this type of stucco-free ceilings.

The rooms become brighter and bigger feeling due to the fact that the textured ceiling is no longer blocking the spread of light. Light spreads further, and therefore the room is brighter.

Why Did They Do Popcorn Ceiling?

It may seem bizarre that so much effort is going into removing popcorn ceilings from just about every home in Mississauga. How did we get here, and why did builders have to ‘ruin’ so many ceilings once upon a time?

Speed & Efficiency

It’s worth noting that popcorn ceiling is the product of a better time, a stronger time. In the post world war 2 boom, builders were working like crazy. All those new growing families required a roof over their heads.

To keep up with the rising demand, new and wonderful ways of finishing homes faster continued to evolve. Since ceiling drywall has always been a job requiring great finesse, an application of stucco or plaster gave way to what we now call “popcorn ceilings”. Granted, we see more types of textured ceilings than just the popcorn style. We see swirling textures, patterns of all sorts, and even some very jagged variations of the dripping stucco variety.

I once had a home where the former owner had renovated the basement. He had added the sharpest form of stucco ceiling I had ever seen. The spikes would reach down almost four inches.

We ended up taking snow shovels to it to tame down the texture. 

As years went on, and styles changed, there was eventually a reversal of the popcorn ceiling trend, and now homes were being built without this manner of ceiling.

2000 And Beyond

As we break with old trends and homeowners in Mississauga start to remove popcorn ceiling from their homes, many companies such as Popcorn Ceiling Professor start to pop up to help.

Modern Popcorn Ceiling Removal Companies

“Popcorn Ceiling Professor & Painter Oakville” is a new breed of popcorn ceiling removal company. Not only are they professional stucco contractors, they are also professional painters. Sure, most stucco contractors say they also prime the ceiling then paint the ceiling, but are they good enough to be classified as professional painters? We shall see.

spacious living room with pot lights
Serving a Wide Area

Having a wide service area is great for business, especially in Southern Ontario. Popcorn Ceiling Professor provides their services in Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto. This makes for efficient work days and scheduling of jobs.

How Do You Remove Popcorn Ceilings

There’s a few simple steps that can make even the most textured ceiling come to life in a smooth modern way.

  1. Prepare the room by removing furniture, protecting the floor, and blocking vents and air circulation. This will help to keep everything neat and tidy.
  2. Scrape the stucco off, sometimes it will have to be moistened in order to properly remove.
  3. Plaster & Putty – Applying the proper amount of new plaster or putty (depending on the ceiling). The proper amount is key to providing a smooth finish and limit cracking.
  4. Sanding and Smoothing – The dusty part of the job where we go heavy and hard to make a nice smooth finish on the ceiling.
  5. Prime the ceiling – Using black-out ceiling primer to make the best foundation for the paint to come.
  6. Paint the ceiling – Using the highest quality paint, they apply paint to finish the job.
  7. Final clean up – Make sure nothing remains and the home is cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Once your home is clean and stucco free you will immediately notice the freshness of the air, the vibrance of the room, and the clarity of the light.

Removing popcorn ceiling is one of the most efficient methods of increasing the value of your home in Mississauga and it all starts with the “Popcorn Ceiling Professor”!

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