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Before & After Popcorn Ceiling Removal (Video)

Proof that Popcorn Ceiling Removal is Awesome

We’ve been in the business for decades. Heck, popcorn ceiling was still popular in Toronto at the time we started getting calls to remove it. During the post world war 2 boom, stucco/stipple was a quick way to get a ceiling finished. It was rough and dirty work that caught on as a trend. Nowadays, it’s more of an eyesore, and a possible sign of deeper problems.

The bottom line is that Smooth Ceilings, serving Toronto and the GTA, can help remove stucco ceiling quickly and in a tidy fashion. Our customers appreciate that they can trust us to complete our service on time, on budget, and without a trace of mess left behind.

Check out photos of the popcorn ceiling removal process, and see if you could use our kind of help for your bumpy textured Toronto ceiling.

Before and After Photos Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It takes great effort to get the plaster/stucco material off of your Toronto home’s ceilings. Though difficult, it’s what we’ve decided to do as a career. There’s great joy in helping people improve the quality of life and reassure them of a smooth, insect free, allergy free, and most importantly asbestos free ceiling.

Plastic Containment Wrap

Here we can see one of our crew taping up the plastic poly wrap that we use to keep the rest of the home from getting dusty. The combination of plastic wrap, tape, and paper floor cover offer tremendous protection from dust and debris. It also is one of the parts of our stucco removal service that our clients in Toronto like the best – Clean and tidy work!

Ceiling Scraping in Progress

As you can see, it takes a lot of muscle work to scrape into the stucco. Those builders from another generation sure knew how to lay it on thick! Notice that the flooring is covered with plastic, and is tapped at the seams of the entrance. This makes clean up a breeze, and also spares the rest of your Toronto area home from getting dusty while we get busy.

In the after side of the photo, the room feels even brighter, as the valleys of the popcorn texture are gone, there’s nothing left to capture light and dim the room. Nothing is left but a smooth finish and sunshine to spread.

Ceilings Aren’t Just Smoother and Brighter – They’re Clean and Fresh

In this Richmond Hill area home, a nearby region of the GTA, you can really see much of the value of what we do. You’ve got the key factors that make us the choice to modernize your ceilings:

  • Flooring protection
  • Increased lighting
  • Stain and water damage removal
  • Molding enhancement
  • Careful and dedicated workmanship

If you’ve noticed water damage, smoke stains (tobacco or previous fire), or mold damage, it’s vital to talk to Smooth Ceiling to get everything in your GTA home in order.

Subtle Updates Bring Value Beyond Compare

There’s many properties in Toronto and the GTA that boast marvellous interior structures. Just like this stairway structure integrates into the ceiling of the rooms below, if popcorn ceiling or stucco was used to finish the area, it can really detract from the visual appeal.

Were it not for the outdated stucco texture, this area would shine like the modern marvel that lay beneath.

Once Smooth Ceiling was invited to triage the catastrophe, we were quick to quote, arrive, remove the stucco, keep the home clean, and walk away with another happy local customer.

Online Reviews Tell the Story

We are thankful that so many of our customers have left great online reviews on Google. It’s so important to give feedback as it can help us perfect our technique and skills.

Another Before and After Photo of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

In this nice example, you not only again get to see the efforts we go through to keep your home and furniture clean, but also the tremendous visual difference the popcorn ceiling removal process has on the lighting in a room. Also its modern vibe greatly increased through the work we’ve done.

We can’t say it enough that smooth ceilings make your home feel younger, look brighter, and enable a healthy home with reduced dust and allergens.

Our Hopes for Your Toronto and Area Home

Though our home base is in Richmond Hill, we love traveling to our neighbouring communities in Toronto such as Etobicoke, High Park, York, Scarborough, Milton, Mississauga and even all the wonderful little areas that have cute names :).

It is our hopes that we will get in touch and help you out, and you will be please with our work so much that you pass the word along to your friends and family so that they too can experience Smooth Ceiling and the art of popcorn ceiling removal.