Mobile Massage Therapy Rocks (Foot & Prenatal)

Benefits of Mobile Massage Therapy in Brampton

There is nothing better than getting a great massage. There is a post-massage feeling that is to die for! Now imagine that, x10, because you’re enjoying it in the comfort of your own home in Brampton!

Getting a massage can lead to your body being relaxed and your mind clear with an overall great feeling where you exude confidence and happiness afterwards.  A massage is a great way to put your body in a relaxed state and allow your muscles to remain loose even in stressful periods.

Massages Have Been Around for Ages

Massage therapy has always been around but today it is growing in popularity as a good treatment option that can relieve stress, tension, anxiety, promote relaxation and improve sleep.

With so many benefits why wouldn’t it be popular? People today want to live an easy and relaxing life, so why not get a massage in the peace and privacy of your own home? That is precisely what a mobile massage therapist from the Mississauga & Brampton area will do for you!

Let us delve deeper into some of the benefits:

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Benefits of an In Home Massage

1) Reduces Stress

Life in our busy city of Brampton is stressful. However, when you receive a massage, it reduces the stress levels that are in the body and provides great stress relief. Massage therapy is known to reduce the hormone cortisol which is related to stress, reducing stress is vital to a long, happy and healthy life.

This hormone can also lead to other issues such as sleeplessness, weight gain, digestion problems and headaches. However, when you get a massage, it relaxes the body, improves your mood and reduces the stress levels.

2) Emotional Boost

While a massage will provide some stress relief, if you have a recurring massage session, this can lead to a boost in energy levels, pain reduction and offering both improvements to the physical and emotional areas of the body.

3) Improve Posture

They are a number of people that have issues with pain in their necks, backs or muscles. Sometimes, the cause of the pain may be from poor posture and chronic back pain is one of those things that you will see a high prevalence.

This is the result of poor posture while they are standing or sitting and if you are overweight, it helps to exasperate the problem. Therefore, getting a massage helps to regain proper posture which can help you out with these issues.

posture improvements

4) Circulation

Better circulation can be achieved when you get frequent massages. When your muscles receive proper blood supply then they can heal better so using hands pressure improves the overall circulation in your body.

Massages lead to waste products via your lymph fluid to be carried away from internal organs and muscles which will improve the overall functioning of your body parts.

5) Muscle Relaxation

Massage therapy helps to promote better muscles as you will be removing pain from tense muscles and increasing your overall flexibility.

Relaxation will be provided to the body as a whole and this will be good for your overall system. While calming the nerves, massages also promote pain management and healing and can give a euphoric feeling.

These are great things to know about massages. Who knew this simple in home service can have such a positive effect on your body?

Next, we will look at three massage types that you can get to make you experience these great benefits:

Three Core Types of Massages to Enjoy:

Foot massage

A foot massage is a relaxing and comforting way for people to de-stress while getting your feet rubbed.

This is perfect for a time when you may have to be on your feet for a long time, before or after. Your feet can benefit from a foot massage as it improves circulation, stimulates your muscles and reduces tension.

There are a lot of people who ask questions about the many benefits of massaging the feet, Quora thankfully has many smart people answering these questions, see here:

It can also relieve foot pain if that is an issue as well. A foot massage lets your feet feel refreshed and this is mainly because your feet have many reflexology points where you can apply pressure. This will make them feel good and relaxed with many benefits to your health. Enjoy!


A prenatal massage is a good choice for mothers-to-be that can be done during pregnancy and is a great addition to your prenatal care regime.

Again, the prenatal massage helps to promote wellness in the body and reduce stress. It is also a good way to relieve some of the discomforts that you normally face during your pregnancy. Some of these issues include stiff necks, backaches, leg cramps, swelling or headaches (you know what I mean ladies!).

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is one that allows the receiver to fall into a deep relaxation state (How do I move to this state? Do I need a passport?). This an amazingly beneficial therapy that allows the body to rejuvenate and realign the layers of the muscles and the connecting tissue.

It helps with chronic pain and aches and any area of the body that is contracted. More specifically, it can help with sore shoulders, leg muscle tightness, stiff neck and lower back pain.

Go on, Call in a Mobile Masseuse and See for Yourself

There are many benefits to getting a mobile, in home massage in Brampton. It is perfect to help with stressful periods and getting overall wellness for your body. Your body will love you for it!

One such travelling masseuse providing a wealth of massage types (foot massage, prenatal, and more) is Ashley Soldera of  ‘Mobile Massage Therapy‘, a Vaughan based practitioner who travels across the GTA, including Mississauga, Brampton, North York and more!.

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