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Swimming Lessons & Aquatics

Private Swimming Lessons & Aquatics in the GTA

It isn’t uncommon to be an adult in the big city area of Toronto and be unfamiliar with how to swim. I’ve come across countless adults who cannot swim. If you’re still shocked by this fact, then you haven’t had enough conversations with real life people.

Learning to swim for many begins in childhood, almost incidentally. For example, if you grew up in Toronto, odds are you were pretty close to the water. This meant beach trips, or pool trips – Either way, water was likely part of the early life education for you…

For Many Others in Toronto…

For others across the greater Toronto, Etobicoke, and Mississauga area, the water may not have been so close. For what many consider to have been a convenience, others viewed it as an out of reach luxury.

Families that grew up on food stamps and coupon clippings may not have been able to visit the local rec centre’s pool as frequently, or maybe their parents didn’t want to take a trip down to the beach and let nature take it’s course.

It’s all completely understandable. Swimming lessons and learning how to maneuver in the water doesn’t happen the same for everyone.

The Red Cross & Lifesaving Society

The organizations of The Red Cross and The Lifesaving Society both operate as a sort of governing body of how lifeguards and swimming instructors should teach swimming and aquatics. This applies to all swimming instructors across Canada, Ontario, as well as Toronto and Etobicoke.

The tiered programs as offered by the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society provide a common framework that ensures a successful approach for both the swimming instructor and the swimming student, whether they’re an infant, child or adult -> It’s all detailed with different approaches and methods.

This allow swimming instructors across Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto the ability to equally educated and instruct people of all ages how to swim and act in the water. This aquatics mastery can be achieved at any age if you just follow the grace of your teachers.

Better Swimming Lessons with Aim Above

When most people in the GTA think about swimming lessons and aquatics, they think about Aim Above Swim School. The High Park area based swim instruction company has been around since 2008 and has helped many hundreds – if not thousands of people learn how to swim.

While following the programs and levels of the above mentioned Red Cross and Lifesaving Society organizations, Aim Above Swim School has truly found their groove as a teacher of private swimming lessons for adults, in specific in Toronto. This specific segment allows them to harness how to teach effectively.

Scheduling and Customization

Effectively teaching adults how to swim privately, in a one on one setting requires several aspects to come together perfectly.

This includes the coordination of:

  • Scheduling
  • Pool availability
  • Job flexibility
  • Timidness in the water
  • Budget

If you are seeking to receive private swimming lessons for yourself as an adult, and are living in the Toronto or Etobicoke area, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to check out Aim Above’s website and see if their services will suit your needs.

There’s many benefits to private swimming lessons, it all depends if you’re ready to ‘dive in’ or if you need to have a conversation first with one of Aim Above Swim School’s instructors to help discuss the possible options to get you in to the deep end of the pool.

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