About the Great Mississauga

I Didn’t Just Fall in Love with Mississauga – I Jumped in –

Mississauga is an amazing city that is managed very well by it’s city councilors and city workers. The wonderful city of Mississauga rests between Toronto and Oakville, and is represents one of the strongest economical powerhouses in Ontario.

Golden Horseshoe

Mississauga straddles Lake Ontario as part of what’s known as the Golden Horseshoe. This region represents a vast majority of Ontario’s population and businesses. With it’s makeup of counties and regions, it’s diverse in both agricultural, industrial, and service based businesses and organizations.

Pearson International Airport

Though it’s often called ‘Toronto’s Airport’, Pearson Airport is actually located in Mississauga, and is by far Canada’s busiest airport. People come from hours away in order to catch a plane to the most diverse collection of international flights.


Mississauga is also known to be a hot spot for the congregation of families from all across the world. This tradition of starting fresh in Canada goes back decades, when at a time, it would have been primarily a variety of European immigrants.

Times have changed slightly, and over the years there were periods of Japanese and Chinese migration. In the 21st century, there has been a great rise in Middle Eastern immigration from countries like Pakistan, India, as well as a tide of Islamic movers and shakers.