Life Coach

How a Life Coach Can Help

A life coach is a wellness expert who helps individuals make positive progress in their lives and have better fulfillment. These professionals help clients improve their careers, relationships, and daily activities.

Life coaches target their customer’s obstacles and help them clarify their goals in the best manner possible. Most individuals hire life coaches for guidance when going through a significant change in their lives, i.e., switching careers.

The following signs indicate that you should consider hiring a life coach;

  • Struggling to leave bad habits
  • Persistent dissatisfaction
  • Frequent irritability
  • High anxiety or stress levels
  • Lack of social life.

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From LumberJack To Thermostat Patrol

When I was 18 years old my boyfriend and I purchased our first home in the Greater Toronto Area. Our daughter was just over 1 year old and it was the perfect little home for us. Being a young adult you take for granted the basic things in our everyday lives. Like having a furnace, every house comes with one… Right?

During our home inspection, the large wood stove in the basement was lusciously placed with stone up to the ceiling. A centrepiece that lured us into the “This is the coziest basement! We should buy this house.” mindset. A fully finished basement was a must. We were young, had a toddler and in no way did we want to endure any renovation costs. Especially with another baby on the way.

Once fall crept in and cooler nights required more blankets, I asked hubby to turn on the furnace. Then we both had a puzzled look on our face…furnace ventfurnace ventfurnace ventfurnace ventfurnace ventAir Conditioner UnitThere was no furnace.

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How Popcorn Ceiling Professor is Different

I can’t believe how much talk about popcorn ceiling removal there is on the web.

Never in a million years would I guess that a building design trend from the 1960’s such as popcorn ceiling would become the reason for one of the hottest home renovation tactics in 2021.

Why is a Smooth Ceiling Appealing?

You would have to look at Mississauga real estate listings for only a few moments to notice that all of the best homes have smooth ceilings. This is no accident. As design trends change over the years, certain trends become ‘sticky’, and I believe that is what we are seeing with the continuous popcorn ceilings removal from homes across the land.

Big homes with high ceilings look even bigger and brighter with zero texture. The ever increasing popularity of pot lights also factors into this type of stucco-free ceilings.

The rooms become brighter and bigger feeling due to the fact that the textured ceiling is no longer blocking the spread of light. Light spreads further, and therefore the room is brighter.

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Pump Repairs in Southern Ontario

What Exactly is an Industrial Pump?

Sure, it isn’t a common question for everyday people in Mississauga. Truth be told, however, you might want to read on and learn how giant pumps keep our world moving. Indulge me:

An industrial pump is a mechanical heavy-duty device that is used to move liquids or gases by a power and motor driven action.

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Desk Pads & Desk Blotters (Great Protection)

The Backstory

Desk pads are a great way to spruce up your desk space and allow you to show great pride in your surroundings.

This is further enhanced when these desk protecting pads are handcrafted and custom made. Handcrafted items show care and detail and usually show quality based on the keen details in the build.

When you’re prepping to purchase a desk pad, you can choose from many protective design elements including different sizes, shapes, or colours.

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Drain Cleaning (A Problem Solver’s Guide)

Small updates throughout, and addition to bottom of post, July 6 2019…

To you and I, a clogged drain is nothing new. The story is the same the world over. The kids have clogged it up, or perhaps a hair ball from the pets or your’s truly has managed to work it’s way down the drain.

Whatever the reason behind your clog, you need a good drain cleaning. For this, there’s a number of different options, ranging from some do it yourself liquid plumber style solutions to hiring out a professional plumber. Regardless of the path you choose, you want the clog to be gone, and reduce the risk for recurrence.

Clogged Drain Cat

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Mobile Massage Therapy Rocks (Foot & Prenatal)

Benefits of Mobile Massage Therapy in Brampton

There is nothing better than getting a great massage. There is a post-massage feeling that is to die for! Now imagine that, x10, because you’re enjoying it in the comfort of your own home in Brampton!

Getting a massage can lead to your body being relaxed and your mind clear with an overall great feeling where you exude confidence and happiness afterwards.  A massage is a great way to put your body in a relaxed state and allow your muscles to remain loose even in stressful periods.

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Diamonds are Back on the Menu, Boys

*(If you didn’t catch the reference, it’s from Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers)

Traditional High End Jewelry is Being Upended:

High End Jewelry is an exceptional market. These luxurious pieces consist of unique items that are worn for personal adornment, or simply owned for posterity… To ‘collect’ if you will.

These luxury jewellery items include:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces and so much more.

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Before & After Popcorn Ceiling Removal (Video)

Proof that Popcorn Ceiling Removal is Awesome

We’ve been in the business for decades. Heck, popcorn ceiling was still popular in Toronto at the time we started getting calls to remove it. During the post world war 2 boom, stucco/stipple was a quick way to get a ceiling finished. It was rough and dirty work that caught on as a trend. Nowadays, it’s more of an eyesore, and a possible sign of deeper problems.

The bottom line is that Smooth Ceilings, serving Toronto and the GTA, can help remove stucco ceiling quickly and in a tidy fashion. Our customers appreciate that they can trust us to complete our service on time, on budget, and without a trace of mess left behind.

Check out photos of the popcorn ceiling removal process, and see if you could use our kind of help for your bumpy textured Toronto ceiling.

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Swimming Lessons & Aquatics

Private Swimming Lessons & Aquatics in the GTA

It isn’t uncommon to be an adult in the big city area of Toronto and be unfamiliar with how to swim. I’ve come across countless adults who cannot swim. If you’re still shocked by this fact, then you haven’t had enough conversations with real life people.

Learning to swim for many begins in childhood, almost incidentally. For example, if you grew up in Toronto, odds are you were pretty close to the water. This meant beach trips, or pool trips – Either way, water was likely part of the early life education for you…

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